Admission Policy

The Governing Council (of the College) has coined an admission policy for the College as follows
The College shall maintain an admission policy that emphasizes on merit, Local Government spread and consideration of catchment areas/educationally disadvantaged Local Government areas. The ratio of the admission shall be as follows. The Academic Committee may, however, for good reason, and in the best interest of the College, the profession and the State, admit a maximum of additional 10% of the aggregate list based on exceptional performance of applicants.

  • Exceptional performance- – – – – – 5-10%
  • Local Government Spread (equity) – – – – 70%
  • Disadvantaged/Catchment Areas – – – 20-25%

Eligibility for Admission

The basic entry requirements for admission into the College is as specified by the Academic and Professional Regulatory Boards & Councils. However, as a general rule, any candidate wishing to be enrolled into any of the Courses offered by the College shall normally be a graduate of Senior Secondary School, who posses passes at credit level in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at not more than 2 sittings. Applicants Basic and National Diploma Courses shall normally not above 25 years of age as at the time they are seeking for the admission.
Application into the College is made through the College approved Application Form. Thereafter candidates are expected to sit for the Verification Entrance Examination on a specific date announced by the College Authority. Selection is made based on College Admission Policy, after the entrance examination and oral internal interview. Successful candidates are thus communicated on their success and admission.

Duration of Training (Course)

The duration of the course is determined by the provisions of the Curriculum as may be reviewed from time to time by the Regulatory Boards and Councils.